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Rhetoric. Aesthetic. Relentlessness.

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Bojana MILJANIC, PhD in Theatre Studies and Media


After more than 10 years of international career as an actress, teaching of voice and movement techniques for students of performing arts of MFA and PhD level and a professional experience in the  client  services of two large internationally renowned companies, I wanted to use all  these skills to offer personalized coaching or group training in public speaking and the development of self-confidence, the art of repartee and the team work. A long experience in theatre, with more than twenty title roles interpreted, allowed me to understand the bond that is established between the audience and the performer on the stage. Convincing, entertaining, or moving an audience are complex and unpredictable mechanisms for those who are beginners. They do not depend entirely on the speaker's talent and personality but are largely based on his or her stage technique. Oratora was born from a great passion for public speaking and for the stage performance, as well as from a desire to fill the gaps in the supply of advanced training courses in public speaking. We endeavor to offer individualized work, to adapt the teaching to the challenges that each presenter faces and make them the best version of themselves.

My professional career is complemented by a solid academic background. I hold a PhD from Sorbonne University in Theatre Studies and Media, a MA in Theatre, Arts, Philosophy, and Aesthetics, and a BFA degree in theatre from the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. I have attended the International School of Theatre Jacques Lecoq, specializing in movement and pantomime. My background is complemented with two certificates of MBA and entrepreneurship from Sorbonne Paris University.

A Propos
Cicero, the greatest ancient roman orato


There is a lot of talk today about behavioral skills and their use across a variety of fields. What are the character traits and technique of a good public speaker and how does one develop them? Our approach to this issue is multidisciplinary, tangible, and efficient. We teach the rules of rhetoric, diction, voice technique, physical stage presence, and life skills to those who are ambitious, who want to surpass themselves, to those for whom public speaking is needed in daily life. The education offered for the acquisition of these skills includes the theory of rhetoric and great speeches as well as situational exercises and training in physical and vocal techniques.

We believe that to develop your skills, you have to practice them by yourself and with your peers. Working in small groups, we work together on both theory and practice. Each participant receives a training adapted to their needs, a sine qua non condition for obtaining remarkable results.

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Face-to-Face or Online

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To assert yourself with your personality and convince an audience, it is essential to prepare your project for public speaking carefully. We will explore your potential as a speaker ( often under-exploited) and work together on all aspects of mastering the technique: self-confidence, posture, physical presence, rhetoric, diction and voice technique.


  • Corporate and Academic Public Speaking

  • Preparation for thesis defenses

  • Write your thesis in 2 months - time management and your doctoral project

Personnalité politique


  • Public speaking

  • Team building

  • Build your self-confidence through theatre improvisation

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Cette formation est l'une des meilleures que j'ai faites, de la structuration au contenu en passant par le formateur. Mon but était d'adapter au mieux professionnellement ma présentation lors de mes prises de parole publique - mais aussi d'apprendre la technique vocale.

L. David

I was expecting a more boring and theoretical lessons, but I found a very dynamic professor with great skills to communicate. I think she has the best personality and expertise to teach how to speak in public giving importance to all the characteristics of a public speaker: outfit, posture, the voice volume and intensity. I chose it because I wanted to know the secrets of becoming a good public speaker. Objectives completely achieved!

F. Roccio

Mon objectif principal était d’acquérir des outils théoriques et pratiques pour me préparer à la soutenance de thèse. Je souhaitais aussi avoir un retour concernant mes capacités à l’oral. Mes objectifs ont été tout à fait réalisés ! J’ai acquis les rudiments de la maîtrise de la voix et du diaphragme, permettant d’avoir une voix plus adaptée pour faire des performances orales. Des exercices de posture et de diction ont aussi été effectués, complètent à merveille la théorie. J’ai aussi acquis des bases de la rhétorique : être capable d’argumenter, bien ordonner ses arguments en fonction de leur impact, avoir une notion de réfutation - être capable de montrer qu’on a raison mais aussi que l’autre a tort.

La formation est complétée par une présentation orale avec une critique constructive venant de la formatrice permettant au doctorant de s’améliorer.

 D. Clement

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Thank you!

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